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Attention Savvy investors %SYMBOL

From: Lin Gale
Subject: Attention Savvy investors %SYMBOL
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 23:15:32 +0300

( HOT NEWS FLASH TODAY - This One Is Moving )
"A Premium Market Related Service" DGCP.OB
Attn: Subscribers, Stockbrokers, Analysts & Investors


Symbol: %SYMBOL
Recent Price:$0.75

The company which has consistently revolutionized the medical industry has once 
again tossed its hat in to the international ring.  In an effort to more 
accurately express the functions of the company in the medical industry we have 
changed our name to %COMPANY.  As of last year we engaged our wholly-owned 
subsidiary Diagnostic Medical Partners to market and lease teleradiology 
equipment and medical testing.  We are hoping to take advantage of the 
fragmented $12 billion MRI industry and establish independent testing 
facilities for the interpretation and collation of data, employing independent 
operators almost exclusively.  Diagnostic Medical Partners is also set to be a 
world-wide distributor for an exciting alternative X-Ray project, Digital 
Motion XRay (DMX).  We believe that in the coming years, DMX technology will 
revolutionize the radiology field.  Among the greatest uses of DMX technology 
is in traffic accident-related cases.  Diagnostic Medical Partners will lend 
DMX units to interested parties on a ?use? lease basis.  The lease will 
continue for a period of five years, after which time the facilities will own 
the equipment.With the rising cost of health care and the ever-expanding health 
market Diagnostic Corporation of America is well suited to lead the way into 
the 21st century with our expertise, our technological superiority over our 
competitors and our willingness to compete.


Statements contained in this release that are not strictly historical are 
``forward-looking'' statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the 
Securities Act of 1933 as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange 
Act of 1934, as amended. The forward-looking statements are made based on 
information available as of the date hereof, and the company assumes no 
obligation to update such forward-looking statements. Editors and investors are 
cautioned that such forward-looking statements invoke risk and uncertainties 
and the company's actual results may differ from these forward-looking 
statements. Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to demand 
for the company's products and services, our ability to continue to develop 
markets, general economic conditions, our ability to secure additional 
financing for the company and other factors that may be more fully described in 
reports to shareholders and periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange 

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