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From: Walai Melek
Subject: Helpline
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 23:39:07 +0200 (CEST)

Good day,
I hope this letter will not upset you, as we have no previous 
discussion on this matter. I am Walai Melek, son of Mr. Donald Melek ; a 
Liberian former Director of Liberian Mining corporation (LMC) who was 
assassinated by the Rebels fighting former President Charles Taylor's 
Government in Dec.2002.

My mother died of heart attack, one year before my Father's death. I 
and my junior brother John become orphans without anybody to care for us; 
even the Government, which our father served and lost his life, didn't 
do much to assist us. My father unsure of Liberian Political future had 
secretly moved the sum of Eighteen Million USA Dollars [$18.Million] 
Well packed in metal box out of Liberia and deposited it at a Security 
Company  in our neighbouring Country of Cottonue Republic of Benin, 
Labbeled it as Family treasure with PIN code which is the only key to 
collect the consignment from the security company. That was at the period 
when Liberia was facing United Nation Embargoes and he had intended to use 
the money for future elections.

We left Monrovia to live in nigeria as a political refugees in August 
2003 when the President; Mr. Charles Taylor was forced into exile by the 
UN/ECOWAS authorities to pave way for tribal reconciliation in our war 
torn country which will lead into bringing the rebel soldiers that 
killed our father into Monrovia. We were advised to leave Liberia to avert 
victimization in the hands of our father's political enemies.

It was unfortunate that the Government that our father served and lost 
his life did not make any arrangement to cover us in their plan to move 
into comfortable arranged exile. The president Mr. Charles Taylor took 
with him other cabinet families who served with him when he was going 
on exile but we were abandoned behind in Monrovia till we find our way 
to nigeria. So because the Rebels are coming into Monrovia take over the 
Government we have no alternative than to escape as they may kill us as 
they killed our father.

I hereby request you to assist us by acting as our late father's 
foreign business partner so that you will help us to collect  the 
consignment/ money from the security company in Cottonue  to your country or 
other safe location for investment purposes ,although the security 
company did not know the real content of the consignment as my father did 
not disclose it to them,according to him before he was assainated,thank 
God he give me the key and the PIN code to collect the Consignment. You 
will also help us to migrate to your country to continue our lives as 
orphans and with your guidance; the money will be invested in profitable 
ventures while we continue our education.

Kindly inform me what percentage of the total sum you wish to receive 
as compensation for rendering your help.

You should please treat this matter as confidential, as I would not 
like to expose the existence of the money at the Security company for 
security reasons ranging from our refugee status here and our father's 
status as civil servant in the past Liberian Government.

Kindly study my request carefully and send your response fast through :  
Thanks in advance for saving our lives.

Yours Sincerely,
Walai Melek


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