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floppy disk

From: fomin
Subject: floppy disk
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:46:13 +0400

Recently  I installed Hurd from Debian mini-iso. It cannot support floppy
disks. When I mount a floppy disk (settrans -cga /floppy /hurd/ext2fs
(or fatfs) /dev/fd0) it either hangs or types error. If  I format the
floppy on other system (on HURD there is no fdformat) and make ext2 it tell     
      that block size is not equal memory page size as I understand. When 
  of diskette is fat system mounts the diskette but if I try to see its content 
(ls /floppy) ,
the system hangs. What does it mean?

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