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Re: Cross-compilation Mach 1.3

From: Manuel Menal
Subject: Re: Cross-compilation Mach 1.3
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 01:05:25 +0200
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TFC Juan Antonio Sánchez y Juan Antonio García wrote:


could anybody say me where i can find documentation about cross-compilation of Mach?

You do not need to cross-compile a kernel (at least not the type of
cross-compilation you had in mind). Kernels are obviously
OS-independant, they only depend on the architecture. So unless
you want to compile GNU Mach on a non-IA32 architecture,
you do not need to use a cross-compiler.

Just use your normal build system (do not forget to install the
'mig' package). But you seem to have figured it yourself, according to
your last mail.


Manuel Menal

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