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$25 million, news today, oil and gas co.

From: dqbjnkaqkty
Subject: $25 million, news today, oil and gas co.
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 11:51:34 -0800

World demand for oil is off the charts.
Which is why we are issueing a STRONG BUY:
Eldorado Exploration Inc.
Current Price:.18
4 Week Projection: $1.25
starting right now!
The oil industry has rarely - perhaps NEVER - seen a demand to rival this
one ...
Europe and North America are soaking up every drop they can get - an
eye-popping 44.6 million barrels per day.
China's 1.3 billion people - nearly one-fifth of the planet's population -
busily trading their bicycles for cars, are consuming more oil in a day than
they used to in a month. In fact, China's demand for oil is increasing at
the rate of 15.4% per year.
India's future oil consumption is expected to grow rapidly to 2.8 million
barrels per day by 2010. Presently, oil accounts for about 30 percent of
India's total energy consumption.
Latin America, Africa, the former Soviet Union, and other regions are
bellying up to the bar as never before - adding 11.11million-barrels-per-day
demand pressures on oil prices.
This explosion in demand for oil is NOT going to abate anytime soon.
That is an opinion we read today and agree with!  It is just one more reason
we think we should watch some smaller American companies.
Some of them will make it.
Eldorado Exploration Inc. (EDEX)
"We are proud of our company and will strive to make it a leader, not a
WE think that says it all and from a man that should know,
The CEO of the company!

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