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Hurd Meeting in Madrid

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Hurd Meeting in Madrid
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 00:55:04 +0200


First of all, sorry for the off-topic, but i think you could find
interesting the "experience" we are going to do in Madrid next 4, 5
and 6 November.

We are preparing a three days hurd-specific meeting on Madrid (web on
http://es.gnu.org/hurdmeeting2005). The event is specifically oriented
to developers, and the main goal is to teach hackers on how to hack on
both GNU Mach and the Hurd.

Take a look to the calendar and the activities:

    * Friday 4
          o 19:00 -- Meeting introduction.
          o 20:00 -- Installing GNU/Hurd from scratch. 
          o 00:00 -- End of the day.
    * Saturday 5
          o 11:00 -- Mach and Hurd concepts
          o 16:00 -- Mach VM and Hurd pagers
          o 20:00 -- Mach IPC and MIG RPC
          o 00:00 -- End of the day.
    * Sunday 6
          o 12:00 -- Mach Threads and migrating threads
          o 16:00 -- Porting GNU Mach to other architectures
          o 18:00 -- Alternative Microkernels: L4, EROS
          o 20:00 -- End of the meeting

... much work to do these three days. Well, we dont know how many
people will be attracted to this kind of event (it is extremely
technical and the topic is difficult and not popular) nor if the
attendants will be able to acquire enough knowledge to start hacking,
but we are going to try anyway.

We will report the result of the experiment. We hope it will be
successful and to make a second Hurd Meeting on Madrid the next year
(international, or course!).

Wish luck for us! :)

José E. Marchesi     <jemarch@gnu.org>

GNU España           http://es.gnu.org
GNU No es Unix!      http://www.gnu.org

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