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Re: Mach lack for frequent operations

From: pancake
Subject: Re: Mach lack for frequent operations
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 13:19:43 +0100

The GNU/Mach misses lot of optimization tips.

Most of these tips was discussed in the Hurdmeeting:

- Memory objects cache doesn't works.
- Main function (mach_msg) length is 1300 lines.
- No multipage transfer support (k0ro fixes that)
- Fork is a hard cost operation.

Implementing transfers by object references may increase the performance for 
most IPC operations in the Mach. (no user-kernel kernel-user transactions).


On Thu, 01 Dec 2005 01:34:30 +0100
<ams@gnu.org> wrote:

> Sorry for the late response.
>    Can anyone explain why that overhead happen in Mach?
> The large overhead is mostly related to how the Hurd uses Mach.
> Running a single-user server system gets you quite decent performance,
> but we have a multi-sever design, where the number of context
> switches, and IPC overhead is becomes far larger.
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