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Re: /dev/tty* vs. pt[ms]

From: ams
Subject: Re: /dev/tty* vs. pt[ms]
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 21:19:05 +0100

Moved to bug-hurd, nothing to do with Debian.

   settrans pty?? /hurd/term /dev/pty?? pty-master /dev/tty??
   settrans tty?? /hurd/term /dev/tty?? pty-slave /dev/pty??

   Is this necessary?

If you wish to use virtual consoles, screen etc, yes.  If the output
is annoying on the eyes, one could always just pipe the stuff to

   I know that in Linux, there's a PT master /dev/ptmx, with which,
   with ioctl, one can trigger the creation of a PT slave /dev/pts/$N
   where $N is a number.

You still have /dev/ptyXY and /dev/ttyXY, so I'm not sure how
/dev/pts/N solves this.  Could you explain how this is solved?

If /dev/pts/N mirrors /dev/ptyXY then one could make a translator
(ptymux) that sits on /dev/pts that creates each /dev/pts/N file
automagically or something.  But I have no idea what /dev/pts is.

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