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Re: Tasks list for GNU Mach

From: Gianluca Guida
Subject: Re: Tasks list for GNU Mach
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 02:20:49 +0100

Hi there,

On 12/20/05, Sergio Lopez <koro@sinrega.org> wrote:
> I've written a list of tasks that I think we need to improve in GNU
> Mach. If you find anything missing here, please feel free to add a entry
> with a short description.
> http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Mach/GNUMachRevivalProject

I like the list. I ignore everything that starts from the middle of
the list to the end, but about the first half I can say that it
focuses well enough what GNU Mach needs work on.

My work on stomach -- over the known oskit devices component port --
focused on the first two points and I have some experience and enough
clue on the related issues.

Unless someone has problem with me or the points listed I can
volunteer on working and reporting about the first two tasks, that is:

    *  Clean up the Code. (Assigned to: We need YOU here!)
    * Update the core architecture and drivers. (Assigned to: We need YOU here!)

Expecting some feedback about.

Happy Hacking.


It was a type of people I did not know, I found them very strange and
they did not inspire confidence at all. Later I learned that I had been
introduced to electronic engineers.
                                                  E. W. Dijkstra

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