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Hurd on Scheme/guile

From: Leonardo Lopes Pereira
Subject: Hurd on Scheme/guile
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 20:52:08 -0300

        After that movement to revive/improve GNU Mach, I decided to think in a 
way to improve Hurd. After some talks on IRC I thought that a good start point 
would be the use of a new programming language to the detriment of C, something 
that turn translator code clear and that is powerful.
        I think that nothing better than lisp to fill those requirements. 
Looking for GNU projects to implement LISP, I decide that the modularity and 
the small size of Guile would simplify and turn that new Hurd implementation 
even better.
        I do not want to describe everything on this mail, so if you have a 
question, a sugestion or a criticism, fell free to send a answer ;)

        The first point that I wanna expose is that the goal of this project is 
not only complement the current translator interface, but create a new 
interface that turns possible a complete rewrite of Hurd on Scheme.
        So It cannot be done only creating bindings of hurd libraries, it 
requests the creation of a new framework to create translators. Only that way 
we will be able to have a simply and powerful framework.
        To minimize the efects of the lost of performance caused by the use of 
an interpreter, we will need to use guile-lightning (based on GNU lightning), 
making the translator be compiled at runtime, so, the lost of performance will 
be concentrated on the time of turning the translator up.

*A small roadmap
 - Turn possible the creation of Mach Interfaces in Scheme
 - Create a MiG that generates Guile code instead of C.
 - Create a trivfs module
 - Discuss how others modules would be and improve trivfs module
 - Rewrite hurd ;)

Thanks AMS for some explanations
That's all.

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