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Re: No to StowFS!

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: No to StowFS!
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 18:43:51 -0500

    when you build a program to work on an directory, all that you will need
    from that package is the binary location.

I do not understand any of that.  I think you need to give labels
to the various entities that you are talking about, and describe their
relationships clearly.

    What you will need is, instead stowfs, that get package/bin and merge it on
    /bin, is a translator that gets package/bin and put it on PATH. The same is
    valid for /lib and /sbin (I know no variable to set "include" directories).

That is very vague, so I don't see how it differs from our present

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