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screen "blackened" after one hour or two in console

From: Wei Mingzhi
Subject: screen "blackened" after one hour or two in console
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 10:33:20 +0800
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I have just installed the Debian GNU/Hurd K10 and it works well in X, but 
there is a problem in console: after one hour or two, the screen will be 
"blackened". And the system doesn't crash, because I can still start the X or 
reboot the system with the "reboot" command. Also starting X then quitting X 
won't fix the problem either, although X still works.

My computer is: Celeron 466, VT82C693/VT82C596 chip, 192MB RAM, NVidia Vanta 
video card.

Wei Mingzhi

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