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Re: Remove GNU Mach's unused device drivers

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Remove GNU Mach's unused device drivers
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 00:04:39 +0100

   > Is there some kind of logic to how you split up the ChangeLog
   > entries?

   What exactly don't you understand about it?

I'm asking if there is logic to the split up, if there isn't, each
change should be in a seperate ChangeLog entry.  If there is, please
explain such logic.

   > How did you check that the files are ok to remove (it is a long
   > list, so it is hard to check each file)?

   I checked it by verifying against GNU Mach's build system.


   > i386/utils/debug.h looks a suspicious for example.


Because it is used from what I can see.  If you do not know why you
are removing a file, don't remove it.

   > I'm not sure what `adopt all users' means.  Maybe you mean
   > callees?

   I mean all places where the macro is used; `NHD' was defined in
   i386/bogus/hd.h to zero, now I adopted all the places where `NHD'
   was used in the code to the case of it being defined to zero.  I'm
   open to hear suggestions for better wording, of course, but I'm not
   yet convinced that ``callees'' is more appropriate.

`Updated all references.'.  Please read the GNU Coding Standards, they
have all of this, including older ChangeLog entries.

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