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Re: Multicast support with Linux Ethernet drivers

From: Richard Braun
Subject: Re: Multicast support with Linux Ethernet drivers
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:27:24 +0100

Le mercredi 22 février 2006 à 18:42 +0100, Samuel Thibault a écrit :
> IIRC, multicast support at driver level is quite crappy :)
> Boards are usually able to subscribe to a few multicast groups only, if
> more are needed, then promiscuous mode is needed.

I don't think the notion of multicast group is relevant here. There are,
however, multicast filters that can be written to the NICs, up to a
fixed limit, and once there are too many filters, the driver sets
promiscuous mode. Should those filters be setup at driver init to accept
multicast, or only when a userland application requests it (as it
proposed in Gianluca Guida's message) ?

Richard Braun

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