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From: Starlines Canada Intrenational
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 22:57:22 +0800

STARLINES CANADA CRUISES INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY. IT IS A WORLD CLASS LINER. The Grand Class features an unprecedented design with some of the most innovative amenities ever found on a cruise ship. We have been in business for decades, and have some of the most sophisticated cruise liners in the world. Our dedication to customer service is unprecedented, and we have given an utmost priority to serving you with the best in the industry knowledge and expertise. From its modest beginnings in 2002 with a single ship cruising to Mexico, Starlines Canada International has grown to become one of the premiere cruise lines in the world. Today, its fleet carries more than a million passengers each year to more worldwide destinations. Personal Choice Cruising® Building on past success, Starlines Canada International is continually evolving to meet the needs of the today's vacationer. In the mid-2004 the company pioneered the concept of putting passengers in control of their own cruise experience with the introduction of its Sun-Class Ships. These revolutionary vessels gave passengers the freedom to choose from a wide range of flexible onboard facilities, amenities and services in order to create a personal vacation experience that takes the regimentation out of the cruise experience and suits each passenger's own needs and preferences. VACANCIES: IT Administrator, Account Executive, Admin Executive, Personal Assistant, Computer Engineer, Fork Lift Engineer, Communication Officer, Ship Cabin Crew Attendee, Computer Operators / Satellite Controllers. N.B, INTERESTED APPLICANT IS ADVISED TO APPLY FOR A JOB WITH HIS / HER C.V AND AN APPLICATION LETTER INCLUDING ACADEMIC CERTIFICATE(S). APPLICATION CLOSES ON 24TH MARCH. 2006. REQUIREMENTS FOR QUALIFICATIONS. ALL APPLICANTS MUST POCCESS AN O'LEVEL STATEMENT OF RESULT WITH A MINIMUM OF 2-3 CREDITS...ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPULSORY.IF AVAILABLE, OTHER CERTIFICATES AS DIPLOMA AND DEGREE INCLUDING IT PROGRAM CERTIFICATES SHOULD ALSO BE SENT TO US VIA E MAIL AS A SCANNED ATTACHMENT.NOTE THAT RECRUITMENT OF WORKERS IS BASED ON THE PREMISE THAT ALL CERTIFICATES MUST BE ORIGINAL AND DUELY CERTIFIED.SHORTLISTED CABIN CREW MUST PRESENT SIX(6) COPIES OF PASSPORTS PHOTOS ALONGSIDE WITH A THREE(3) YEAR VALID INTERNATIONAL PASSPORTS AT THE IMMIGRATION CHECKPOINTS UPON ARRIVAL AT THE KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. EVERY SELECTED CABIN CREW MUST UNDER-GO TWO WEEKS TRAINING MALAYSIA BEFORE EMBARKING TO CANADA FOR HIS / HER SPECIFIC JOB. BEFORE ARRIVAL, A SCANNED COPY OF PAGES 2-5 OF SHORTLISTED CABIN,S INTERNATIONAL PASSPORTS AND BIRTH CERTIFICATES MUST BE SCANNED AND FORWARDED TO US VIA E MAIL ATTACHMENTS FOR AN IMMEDIATE CLEARANCE AT THE IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA. VISAS WOULD BE GIVEN ON ARRIVAL ACCORDINGLY. A COPY OF A CLEAR MEDICAL REPORT IS EXPECTED OF EVERY SHORTLISTED CABIN CREW . TERMS OF WORKING. Applicant should be able to sign a minimum of ONE(1) year contract with Starlines Canada International. Cabin Crews will enjoy TWO(2) weeks leave after every five months of work. Starlines Canada International will take care of Air-Ticket, Accommodations, Feeding, Insurance and Medical Expenses of each cabin crew on board. Workers are entitle to a minimum of us$2600 salary depending on qualifications and negotiations of Departmental Heads. URGENT VACANCIES!!! Positions: 1. Housekeeping Managers2. Pursers (Receptionist) 3. Massage Therapist4. Deck Supervisors5. Cruise Director6. Food & Beverage Manager 7. Store Managers 8. General Merchandise Managers 9. Safety Officer 10. Shore Excursion Manager 11. Shore Excursion Assistant Manager 12. Shore Excursion Staff 13. Chief Purser (Reception Manager) 14. International Purser (Receptionist who speaks other languages fluently) 15. Beauty Therapist 16. Trainee Pursers (Limited Experience) 17. Hair/Nail Technician 18. Assistant Housekeeping Managers 19. Fitness Instructor 20. Food and Beverage Manager 21. Assistant Food & Beverage Manager 22. Head Waiter / Maitre D' 23. Food and Beverage Management Trainee 24. Restaurant Manager 25. Corporate Chef 26. Executive Chef CONTACT ADDRESS: STARLINES CANADA INTERNATIONAL, SDN BHD. CO.NO.073887p. STARLINES CANADA INT'L TERMINAL, PALAU-INDA P.O.BOX 216-422956, TAMAN DESA, DARUL EHSAN, SELANGOR, MALAYSIA. TEL/FAX: 0060132453070 HOT-LINE: 0060164717864 starlinecanadacruise@mail2marines.com starlinescruises@mail2marines.com info@starlinescanadacruises.com www.starlinescanadacruises.com CONTACT PERSON: DAVID CHONG 0060132453070 CHAIRMAN/CEO ENGR. JEFFREY WILLIAMS.
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