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Downtune February 06 Update

From: Downtune Team
Subject: Downtune February 06 Update
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 22:07:16 -0000

Hi everyone

We've been very busy for the last month making some big changes to the downtune site design. We're testing off line at the mo, but we'll have an announcement out very soon with a date for the release of the new site. Sorry to everyone who've been expecting to see the site sooner, but we just got snowed under with less interesting projects.

It has been a great start for downtune though, because while we've been away doing cool things to the site, some amazing musicians have signed up. We're really proud to have them along for the ride so we thought, as our best way of saying thanks to them all, that we'd do a bit of a showcase of some of their music.

One band in particular that we wanted to give you the chance to hear are Jackpike. They're a teenage rock band from Birmingham (UK) and when we heard them first they just blew our minds. The band, who were voted Band of the Year in January 06, are students on the Artist Development Programme at the British Academy of New Music in London. We think they're the next big thing in the UK. Just click the link below and have a listen to their cool musical stylings and see if you agree.


There's lots more great (and some very very odd) music like this appearing on the site. Why not visit and show your support for these talented musicians by playing their songs (and moving them up the downtune charts), or just have a browse to see what we are all about. You can drop into the web site by clicking downtune. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear, then have a listen to the selection offered for your entertainment below. They have been chosen to show the sheer variety of the artists who have decided to make downtune their musical home on the web.

Cabaret Rat - Surf Monkey

Jackpike 2 - Midnight. We just love these guys!

Cracky And The Montegoes - Bang The Screaming Song!

Ron Wiseman and Kedusha - Blowing the Coal

Sound Sanctuary - Summit of the Big Low

HALAGOOGOO - Babysnatcher

Kiskadee - Don't wanna know

Imurno - She wears my ring

$hit - We don't give a f*** about soul!


That's all for now but we'll be back in your inbox soon to bring you lots more cool sounds and details of the release of the new site. For now

downtune guy

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