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From: frank smith
Subject: Respectfully
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 20:27:47 +0100

Hello Dear,

I 'm very sorry to interrupt your peace Since you're not expecting to receive 
any mail from me. However, I was obliged to do so due to the importance and 
urgency of the message. I crave your indulgence, and want to reasure you that I 
mean well and that it is only for our mutual good. So please don,t be 
embarrassed as this's the only way I could make contact to you.

My name is Frank Smith, a Journalist attached to the United Kingdom military. I 
'm writing this message from Ar-ramadi in Iraq. We have moved around a few 
times building up F.O.B. around the western side of the country as well as 
missions into Baghdad, with attacks by insurgents everyday and car bombs, we 
managed to move funds belonging to Saddam Hussein's family which we found in 
his palace after his arrest,We want to move this money out of Iraqi, since it's 
a war zone although partially ended but the daily activities of suicide bombers 
is frighteningly on the increase.

I reached an agreement with the members of my team and we agreed to keep this 
money to ourselves and then moved the box out of Iraq to Europe (we have also 
concluded plans to move the money out of this place as soon as possible.I'm in 
need your help as an individual or any company overseas whom I can confidently 
work with I have not finished my assignment and cannot return to the UK now.

I have the honor to confide this information in you and to request for your 
pleasure to assist in receiving and secure the money, pending our retirement 
from service. You are therefore expected and advised to display high degree of 
maturity,responsibility and understanding in handling this information. I will 
give you all the details in my next mail when you have indicated your interest 
and commitment to work with me.I hope you will honor me too. We can come over 
to join you for sharing and to guarantee that we have unlimited access to you. 
Moreso for an effective and easy communication I will advice that you furnish 
me with your phone numbers and other necessary details to make me rest assured 
that your interest.

I eagerly await your positive response.

Reporting from Ar-ramadi Iraq

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