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Re: Getting started with hurd

From: പ്രവീണ്‍‌ (Praveen) എ (A)
Subject: Re: Getting started with hurd
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 15:53:59 +0530

Hi Balaji,

 We have some documentation an how to use qemu to run GNU in hurd.in http://hurd.in/bin/view/Hurd/HOWTOs

Also if you are from India you can join us on the mailing list as well http://lists.sarovar.org/mailman/listinfo/i-hug-discuss


2006/8/26, Balaji Kutty < balaji.kutty@gmail.com>:
Hi Experts,

I want get started on Hurd. I want to contribute to it. But, I'm even not able to install it in my Toshiba Satellite laptop. I couldn't get much from net about installation and further contribution.

Please let me know how to get started on it.


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