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Re: GNU/Hurd sound system

From: Richard Braun
Subject: Re: GNU/Hurd sound system
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 02:05:03 +0200
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Some news about the work on the sound system : I've ported the ES1370
driver since I wasn't able to debug the maestro3 driver on real hardware,
and ES1370 is one of the chips emulated by qemu (the only PCI one IIRC).
The good news is that I was able to hear some sound ! But the kernel
crashes in device_write(), so the next step is to find why and how to fix it.
The source code of the kernel is available here [1]. Configure it with
--enable-ide --enable-kdb --enable-rtl8139 --enable-es1370 and it should
be suitable for qemu (i don't have a ready-to-use image to provide). I've
written a test tool that writes a file to dsp0 using device_write() which
can be downloaded here [2]. Use it like this :

./sndwrite sample.raw

The sound is crappy, it's normal :-). The sample.raw file can be created
using cat /dev/dsp > sample.raw on a e.g. Linux system (raw recording).
Remember to use gcc 4.0 and not 4.1.

Any help debugging is welcome :-).

Richard Braun

[1] http://cvs.sceen.net/index.cgi/gnumach/ (Download tarball)
[2] http://devel.hurdfr.org/sndwrite.tgz

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