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Re: GNU Mach: enabling all (working) device drivers by default?

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Re: GNU Mach: enabling all (working) device drivers by default?
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 01:21:52 +0200
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On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 02:37:50PM +0200, I wrote:
> What are people's feelings about having all (working) device drivers
> enabled by default when configuring GNU Mach?

I just committed the following to gnumach-1-branch:

2006-09-20  Thomas Schwinge  <tschwinge@gnu.org>

        * Drivers.macros (AC_DRIVER_ALIAS): Remove definition.
        (AC_DRIVER): Extend to take a `description' parameter and consider
        (AC_DRIVER_nodef): New definition.
        * configure.in (options kdb, kmsg): Remove redundancy.
        * i386/configure.in (option default-device-drivers): New option.
        (option lpr): Consider `$enable_default_device_drivers'.
        * i386/linux/configure.ac: Rework substantially.  Remove all aliases.
        Rename some of the device driver options.
        (option default-device-drivers): New option.
        (linux_DRIVER): Take care about a `description' parameter and don't
        invoke AC_DRIVER_ALIAS.
        (linux_DRIVER_nodef): New definition.
        Adopt all usages of AC_DRIVER and linux_DRIVER to provide a
        `description' parameter.
        (g_NCR5380, NCR53c406a, eata_dma, wavelan, atp): Change from AC_DRIVER
        to AC_DRIVER_nodef to have these device drivers disabled by default.
        * doc/mach.texi: Add a note about the outdatedness to the configuration
        option table.
        * i386/README-Drivers: Update.

If you are building GNU Mach kernels from gnumach-1-branch, this means
that you a) can now get a usable GNU Mach kernel configuring it just like
`./configure' and b) should now re-visit the file
[GNU Mach]/i386/README-Drivers and the output of `[GNU Mach]/configure

I don't think that I broke something, but who can be sure these days...
Speak up in case.


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