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Re: floppy not working

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: floppy not working
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 07:45:47 +0200
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പ്രവീണ്‍‌|Praveen, le Thu 28 Sep 2006 09:06:51 +0530, a écrit :
> does ext2 filesystems created by  GNU/Linux have block size of 4096
> bytes?

Note necessarily (and that's not related to Linux): 
-b block-size
              Specify the size of blocks in bytes.  Valid block size vales are
              1024, 2048 and 4096 bytes per block.  If omitted, mke2fs  block-
              size is heuristically determined by the file system size and the
              expected usage of the filesystem (see the -T option).


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