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Re: task #5130 - random translator

From: Kenneth Østby
Subject: Re: task #5130 - random translator
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2007 21:01:03 +0100


I've finally gotten some time to do some reading and stuff + written my first translator,
which is not all that random at first go, but I'm getting somewhere. Now, as Mr. Braun said,
a random generator need kernel support, and in that case I need some help / information.

So here's a braindump. Please remember that I'm still quite new at this :)

It seems like the correct way to go is to trap some sort of keyboard/network/interrupt. How is the right way to trap those
? Is there a interrupt handler somewhere in the code where I can insert a trap, or am I on the wrong track ?

Now the next question, is there some documentation about the workings of MiG and any recommended code parts I can look at to see how the IPC is done?

Still much to learn, but I'm liking it :)

Hacker in learning,
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