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mach debug interface - my dummy code

From: christian nastasi
Subject: mach debug interface - my dummy code
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2007 19:58:00 +0100

as Thomas says me I will tell you about the code I would like to work for test the mach_debug interface.
I cleaned my dummy code and now I'm sending you what I did time ago. It is a very little code since I had (and also now I haven't any one) no idea about the things that should be done for test such interface. Indeed what I did was just build the stubs to use the mach_debug interface and call two or three services. I didn't find documentation about the meaning of the function of this interface save the comment in the .defs file. So I'll give you the code and,hoping you shouldn't find it too useless, I will accept any suggestions. Thanks.
Waiting for an answer, regards.

Note: to build and run the code it is required to have a machine on which the mach kernel runs with the mach_debug interface enabled.

Christian Nastasi  

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