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Re: Google Summer of Code 2007

From: Constantine Kousoulos
Subject: Re: Google Summer of Code 2007
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 16:09:25 +0200
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IMHO, o GSoC project should be something doable that can be completed within the given time. Too broad tasks should be avoided.

Libchannel is a prerequisitive for many proposed projects. I think that any project that depends on it, should not be proposed. IMHO, each project should be independed of the others for maximum efficiency.

AFS? Ext2fs is not working at 100%. Ext3fs support is virtually null. Ognyan Kulev worked on ext3fs, but all his work is documented in bulgarian :(. Why bother with AFS?

cthreads-->pthreads: From time to time the same question arises. What is the status of pthread support? Does this task involve bug fixing or code writing? From my limited experience i tend to think it's more of the former, but then again i really don't know.

Glue code update: Finally something i have personal experience of. I think it's too complex to be on GSoC. For more details, see one of my old posts here http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-hurd/2006-11/msg00076.html. Linux has all the documention we need to write new glue code. However, Mach has almost no documentation on how to write device driver code. I believe this is a long term project that can only be accomplished under the close guidance of an experienced mentor.

For the rest of the tasks, i agree with Thomas' comments or have the same questions.


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