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GSoC 2007: GNU Hurd

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: GSoC 2007: GNU Hurd
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:58:37 +0100
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So, here's a patch for the GNU ideas page to add the Hurd items.  No idea
if you can actually install it at the moment, given that Savannah is
down.  (At least I can't install it onto the Hurd's web pages at the

--- http://www.gnu.org/software/soc-projects/ideas.html.orig    2007-03-13 
17:57:35.000000000 +0100
+++ http://www.gnu.org/software/soc-projects/ideas.html 2007-03-14 
20:54:17.000000000 +0100
@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@
 <a href="ideas.html#findutils">Findutils</a> -
 <a href="ideas.html#gnome">GNOME</a> -
 <a href="ideas.html#gnunet">GNUNet</a> -
+<a href="ideas.html#hurd">Hurd</a> -
 <a href="ideas.html#libextractor">libextractor</a> -
 <a href="ideas.html#mailutils">Mailutils</a>
@@ -280,6 +281,49 @@
 mailing list</a>.
+<h3><a id="hurd" href="/software/hurd/">GNU Hurd</a></h3>
+<p>The GNU Hurd is the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel.  The Hurd
+is a collection of servers that run on the Mach microkernel to implement file
+systems, network protocols, file access control, and other features that are
+implemented by the Unix kernel or similar kernels (such as Linux).</p>
+<p>The following is a list of items you might want to work on.  If you want to
+modify these task proposals or have your own ideas on what to work, then please
+don't hesitate to contact us on the <a
+href="/software/hurd/help.html#TOCmail">bug-hurd mailing list</a> or the <a
+href="/software/hurd/help.html#TOCirc">#hurd IRC channel</a>.</p>
+<li>Design and implement <a
+href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?1619";><em>libchannel</em></a>, a library
+for streams.</li>
+<li>Rewrite <a href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5469";><em>pfinet</em></a>,
+our interface to the IPv4 world; create a <a
+href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5470";><em>pfinet6</em></a> to interface to
+the IPv6 world.</li>
+<li>Make GNU Mach use more <a href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5488";>up to
+date <em>device drivers</em></a>.</li>
+<li>Design and implement a <a
+href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5485";><em>sound system</em></a>.</li>
+<li>Introduce the world of the <a
+href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5486";><em>Andrew File System (AFS)</em></a>
+to the Hurd.</li>
+<li>Work on enhancing our <a href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5497";><em>NFS
+client</em> and <em>NFSd</em></a>.</li>
+<li>Implement support for <a
+href="http://savannah.gnu.org/task/?5499";><em>Logical Volume Management


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