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Re: [address@hidden: GSoC proposal, device driver glue code]

From: Matheus Morais
Subject: Re: [address@hidden: GSoC proposal, device driver glue code]
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 17:58:57 -0300

On 3/23/07, Richard Braun <syn@hurdfr.org> wrote:
I like this proposal but I also have a question : did you consider BSD
drivers ? I understand you have experience with Linux drivers, and this
is a very good reason to work on a glue code for them, but from what I
could see (at least this was true with earlier version of Linux), there
were device drivers tightly related to some kernel internals (the
example I have in mind is some drivers directly accessing mem_map, which
could not be emulated in a glue code).

BSD has common roots with Mach, which may make BSD drivers integration
simpler. For example, the VM and waiting/locking primitives are quite

I wouldn't mind if you simply answer you want to work on Linux drivers.
Learning yet another OS may be too much work...

I had learning a bit about Linux 2.6 device drivers and I share of the same opinion from syn. I could see a _lot_ of work to update the glue code. My question is, update to Linux 2.6 device drivers is more feasible than write a new GNUMach API to made porting Linux 2.6/ BSD device drivers more easy or at least to write GNUMach drivers natively ,instead use drivers from other O.S?


Matheus Morais

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