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Hight quality of cc dumps for sale!

From: beejay_fs
Subject: Hight quality of cc dumps for sale!
Date: 27 Mar 2007 17:20:33 -0700
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High Quality Dumps For Sale

My dumps are Track 2 only and are skimmed.
Up to 70-90% working (depending  on bin)
More then 800 bins available which means around 200,000 dumps.

Minimum order is $500 but regular customers receive extra dumps free
and  those that order $1000 and over will receive up to an extra 50%

All non-valid /declined dumps are replaced free providing that dump
numbers are given.

Some sample prices:


Visa Classic : 15$
Visa Gold/Platinum/Business/Signature: 20$
Amex/Discovery 20$


Visa Classic: 20$
MasterCard: 20$
Visa Gold/Platinum : 25$

For further information:

e-mail: beejay_fs@yahoo.com
icq: 491864896 beejay

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