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[bug #15295] Mach lets processes write to I/O ports

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: [bug #15295] Mach lets processes write to I/O ports
Date: Mon, 07 May 2007 22:11:50 +0000
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Update of bug #15295 (project hurd):

                  Status:               Confirmed => Ready For Test         


Follow-up Comment #14:

I just installed the following to fix this issue; using a different way then
it was first suggested here.

2007-05-07  Thomas Schwinge  <tschwinge@gnu.org>

        [bug #15295 --- ``Mach lets processes write to I/O ports'']

        * i386/Makefrag.am (libkernel_a_SOURCES): Add `i386/i386/io_perm.c',
        `i386/i386/io_perm.h', `i386/i386/machine_task.c', `i386/i386/task.h'
        and remove `i386/i386/io_port.h', `i386/i386/iopb.c',

        * i386/i386/io_port.h: Remove file.
        * i386/i386at/kd.c: Don't include <i386/io_port.h>.
        (vga_port_list, kd_io_device, kd_io_map_open, kd_io_map_close): Don't
        define and don't use anymore.

        * include/stddef.h: New file.

        * i386/i386/io_perm.c: Include <string.h>, <device/device_emul.h>,
        <ipc/ipc_space.h> and don't include <oskit/ds_oskit.h>.
        (io_perm_device_emulation_ops): New variable.
        (dev_open_alloc, setup_no_senders): Remove declarations.
        (convert_io_perm_to_port, convert_port_to_io_perm, io_perm_deallocate):
        (no_senders): New function.
        (i386_io_perm_create, i386_io_perm_modify): Rewrite partially, to adapt
        to the GNU Mach environment.
        * i386/i386/io_perm.h: Include <device/dev_hdr.h> and
        (io_perm, io_perm_t): New structure and accompanying type definition.
        (IO_PERM_NULL): Define.
        * i386/i386/locore.S (ktss): Move variable to...
        * i386/i386/ktss.c: ... here, make it a ``struct task_tss''.
        (ktss_init): Initialize the `task_tss' structure and the i/o permission
        bit map.
        * i386/i386/ktss.h: Adapt to that.
        * i386/i386/machine_task.c (machine_task_module_init): Adapt the `zinit'
        call to the GNU Mach environment.
        * i386/i386/mp_desc.c: Include <machine/ktss.h>.
        * i386/i386/tss.h: Include <machine/io_perm.h>.
        (task_tss): New structure, equivalent to the OSKit-Mach one.
        * i386/include/mach/i386/mach_i386.defs: Don't include
        (device_list_t): Remove type.
        * i386/include/mach/i386/mach_i386_types.h (device_list_t): Remove type

2007-05-07  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus@gnu.org>

        [bug #15295 --- ``Mach lets processes write to I/O ports'']

        * i386/i386/iopb.h, i386/i386/iopb.c: Obsolete files removed.

        * i386/i386/pcb.c (switch_context): Update the I/O permission
        bitmap from stack_handoff() here (not only in stack_handoff()).

        * i386/i386/machine_task.c (machine_task_module_init): Set
        ZONE_COLLECTABLE and ZONE_EXHAUSTIBLE flags for the iopb zone.
        Requested by Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>.

        * i386/i386/io_perm.h: New file.
        * i386/i386/io_perm.c: New file.
        * i386/i386/machine_task.c: New file.
        * i386/i386/mp_desc.h: (struct mp_desc_table): Change type of ktss to
        struct task_tss.
        (mp_ktss): Likewise for array of pointers to the struct.
        * i386/i386/mp_desc.c: Include `machine/tss.h' and `machine/io_perm.h'.
        (mp_ktss): Change type to array of struct task_tss.
        (mp_desc_init): Cast pointer to x86_tss into pointer to task_tss,
        and use size of struct task_tss instead size of struct x86_tss.
        Initialize the task_tss structure.
        * i386/i386/pcb.c: Include `stddef.h' and `machine/tss.h'.
        (iopb_create, iopb_destroy): Prototypes removed.
        (curr_ktss): Cast pointer to base_tss to pointer to struct
        (switch_ktss): Always use kernel TSS.
        (update_ktss_iopb): New function.
        (stack_handoff): Call update_ktss_iopb.
        (pcb_module_init): Do not call iopb_init.
        (pcb_terminate): Do not call iopb_destroy.
        (thread_setstatus): Remove local variable tss.
        (thread_getstatus): Rewrite i386_ISA_PORT_MAP_STATE case handler.
        * i386/i386/task.h: New file.
        * i386/i386/thread.h: Do not include `i386/iopb.h'.
        (struct i386_machine_state): Remove member io_tss.
        * i386/include/mach/i386/mach_i386.defs [KERNEL_SERVER]: Include
        `machine/io_perm.h'.  Define intran, outtran and destructor.
        (io_port_t): New type.
        (io_perm_t): Likewise.
        (i386_io_port_add): Interface removed.
        (i386_io_port_remove): Likewise.
        (i386_io_port_list): Likewise.
        (i386_io_perm_create): New interface.
        (i386_io_perm_modify): Likewise.
        * i386/include/mach/i386/mach_i386_types.h [MACH_KERNEL]: Include
        [!MACH_KERNEL]: Define types io_port_t and io_perm_t.
        * kern/task.c (task_init): Call machine_task_module_init.
        (task_create): Call machine_task_init.
        (task_deallocate): Call machine_task_terminate.
        (task_collect_scan): Call machine_task_collect.
        * task.h: Include `machine/task.h'.
        (struct task): Add member machine.

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Now, please test this.  The first thing you'll notice is that X.org, the Hurd
console and pciutils will no longer work.  They need to be adapted.

After new GNU Mach packages are in place, glibc needs to be rebuilt so that
it'll offer the `ioperm' function.


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