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GSoC application deadline passed

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: GSoC application deadline passed
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:03:30 +0100
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A little status update: The participation deadline for organisations
passed yesterday.

It's all over now -- those who didn't contribute to the organisation
application and student application form drafts (which includes YOU),
have managed to get away.

Oh, and yes: Amazingly, I actually managed to hand in my^H^Hour
application before the deadline. What is to be done now is waiting to
see whether I^Hwe get accepted. Praying is an option. Bribing google
employees is another one.

I must say that I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of help I got
from our "community" with creating the drafts. I'm rather used to
getting quite little response on such things; but this exceeded all my
expectations. The total amount of improvements, suggestions, comments
contributed by others amounts to an increadibly round number -- the most
round number of all: Zero.

Nobody contributed as much as a single remark. Not one.

But wait, I'm too hasty with my praise! After all, there is also the
project ideas list (
http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/community/gsoc/project_ideas/ ), which is
still open. Plenty of chance still for everyone to not help.

Though it's a sad sad business, as the previous zero score is not
achievable anymore -- someone already contributed a bit to the project
list. Guess who? Last year's SoC student. (Thanks Fredrik!)

Do you think I'm bitter? No, not much. Not after having had a tolerably
good sleep. A tolerably good sleep can make up for a considerable amount
of disappointment, believe me.

Now enough of that. Let's move on to something more satisfying. Like,
say, staring out of the window.


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