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Re: Developer Blog

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: Developer Blog
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 11:20:38 +0100
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El Monday, 17 de March de 2008 10:02:21 pietro escribió:
> olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 04:23:34PM +0100, Michael Banck wrote:
> >> A developer blog (i.e. something which is shared by all the active
> >> developers, and only has entries regarding current developments) might
> >> be interesting
> >
> > Sounds interesting indeed.
> >
> > Are you willing to take care of that? :-)
> i am. i can install a blog or an aggregator on a debian gnu/linux box.
> someone needs to buy a domain or lend us either a domain or a subdomain.

This question is not meant as an attack, but as a precaution: 

How many people would write into that blog? 

The resources of information about the Hurd are already quite fragmented. 

Would that Blog become the main way of information about the Hurd? 

If yes, and if the people writing most news would join in, then having a 
developer blog would be very useful. 

To all programmers and actual users: 
Who would write in that blog about what they code and about their experiences 
while using it at least once a month?

It need not be much, just a few lines of info, maybe with links to mails 
inside the archives, is enough to make the blog useful for interested people. 

And if there are at least 3 people who write to the blog once a month, the 
blog will be a place where people find out that the Hurd is alive. 

Best wishes, 
Unpolitisch sein
Heißt politisch sein
Ohne es zu merken. 
- Arne Babenhauserheide ( http://draketo.de )
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