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Student for GSoC 2008 - procfs

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Student for GSoC 2008 - procfs
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 00:54:05 +0530

Hi all,
         Sorry all of you. I am extremely sorry for being so late in sending this mail. I am a prosepective GSoC 2008 student. I am very much interested in the idea of implementing procfs on HURD. This idea was proposed to me on our LUG (BMSLUG) mailing list a year back[1]. Back then I had very less knowledge of HURD and any UNIX system or their variants in general as a programmer though I was using GNU/Linux just like an end user from 3 years then. So I did not take up the task then. Now I am much used to GNU/Linux and have learnt general API programming on UNIX systems. Though I have not contributed any code to the Linux Kernel directly, I have a little understanding of how the code is structured and how it works.
   So as soon as I saw the idea on the proposed projects list on 24th I was very much inspired and motivated to take this project for this Summer. I immediately thought of working on this. And I thought I could post to the mailing list once I have a fair understanding of the proc filesystem. Hence the delay in posting. I did go through few guides and tutorials on procfs on GNU/Linux system. Main guides include [2] and [3]. I am also going through the procfs Documentation in the Linux 2.6 Kernel source located at kernel-source/Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt[4]. Please give me some time to go through it fully since it is a pretty huge documentation and it takes some time to digest it. I hope you guys understand how difficult it is to understand things for beginners like me in the beginning.

  I have a working Installation of the GNU system[Debian GNU/HURD K-16], I checked out the CVS code of procfs in the hurdextras repo. I also read the Documentation thats there in the CVS, the README file[5]. I am also going through the code. I hope you people understand that going through the entire code and understanding in less than 5 days is quite difficult for beginners. Kindly co-operate. I will defintely go through the code. Though I have understood what translators are I am not aquainted with translator programming. I am also learning that part still. Since the requirement says this project would require "learning translator programming", I am learning it from HURD Hacking Guide.
   Since Google has given us the whole of April and May to build a strong relationship with the community, I will utilize this time to become well versed in translator programming, general HURD programming and Hacking and also with the current implementation of procfs in HURD. I will also utilize this time to draw a neat plan of what needs to be done(though we would have comeup with a rough plan while submitting the application itself, at this stage I would like to refine things and make the plan rocksolid). So as soon as SoC begins on May 28th I can start right away with coding.

   So I request you all to guide me through this process and help me come up with a proposal. I think its bit difficult to port all the features in GNU/Linux procfs to HURD in 3 months by a single person, though its not impossible(I also think its not necessary to port each and every feature thats available in GNU/Linux). So by having a discussion here we can finalize on what are the most important requirements that we need to focus at the very moment and draw a schedule for this summer so that the goals can be reached.

   I think most important of all the features that are to be made available are proc/<pid>/* features which are very important to implement process related functionalities. So we need to focus on it at the moment.
Those features include
correcting the problems in /proc/<pid>/environ
completing /proc/<pid>/stat

We can also think of /proc/<pid>/attr/* features if they are feasible and if you people suggest to go ahead.

What are your suggestions? Please Help me.

(This is only a rough idea of what can be done. I will draw the plan after discussion here is complete. I am open for all your inputs. I will be available in #hurd at the time which is convinient to you all. Please inform me so I can make myself available at that time. Please help me.)

[1] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bmslug/message/361
Please see this if you have access to this post. The mailing list is not moderated.
[2] http://www.aoc.nrao.edu/~tjuerges/ALMA/Kernel/procfs-guide/index.html
[3] http://www.nirendra.net/cms/procfs/user
[4] http://users.sosdg.org/~qiyong/lxr/source/Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt
[5] http://users.sosdg.org/~qiyong/lxr/source/Documentation/filesystems/proc.txt
Thanks and regards,

"When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered"
- Dorothy Thompson
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