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Re: Yet Another GSoC Project Ideas Post

From: Olaf Buddenhagen
Subject: Re: Yet Another GSoC Project Ideas Post
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 22:47:14 +0100


> 1- procfs

> This sounds like a very interesting project and indeed it's the most
> interesting to me. However, I'm a newbie to the Linux kernel, and I am
> completely new to Hurd. I am quite passionate about the subject and I
> find it a good opportunity to improve my knowledge of both the Linux
> kernel and Hurd, but do you think this project would be doable within
> the summer period for someone with little experience?

That should be OK. You don't really need to know much about Linux for this 
task; and learing about Hurd programming is part of the idea of GSoC :-)

You need good general programming skills, of course...

> 2- Driver Glue code

> The idea description is quite obvious, again the question here is
> again of experience. I have basic knowledge about Linux device
> drivers, do you think it'd be feasible to apply for this one?

Well, what is "basic" knowledge? You should already be familiar enough to have 
a rough idea what the glue layer needs to provide to use Linux drivers... Or 
learn very quickly :-)

> 3- Sound support

> This is also a very interesting idea to me. And I already think about
> porting the AC'97 driver since it's very widespread. My question is
> about the sound server. I just wanted to know, whether the userspace
> server has to implement the ALSA/OSS API or should that be implemented
> in the kernel?

Well, as you will be porting ALSA or OSS drivers, it makes sense to more or 
less preserve the API at kernel level... What the server needs to do is 
translate UNIX device access (read/write, ioctl etc.) to Mach device calls -- 
should be pretty straightforward.

> Sorry if the question sounds stupid, please bear with
> my "newbieness" :P

No worries, your questions seem to show pretty good understanding :-)

> 4- Porting Hurd Servers from Cthreads to Pthreads

> I have some experience working with Pthreads under GNU/Linux. But does
> the project require knowledge about the internals of Pthreads (i.e. Is
> the student supposed to work on the HURD pthreads implementation), or
> is it only required from the students to port to Pthreads directly?

If all goes well, you shouldn't need to hack the pthreads implementation. It 
*could* happen though that you encounter some shortcomings that need to be 
fixed to proceed...

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