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Re: updated proposal

From: Carl Fredrik Hammar
Subject: Re: updated proposal
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 17:04:48 +0100
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> Olaf made some comments on my proposal and wanted to know a bit more about
> my actual implementation in the Hurd itself.  I've done added a bit more
> to the proposal to explain what I feel is a good implementation. 
> Basically, I was thinking the network stack could be divided into
> different translators per protocol and give the client access to different
> layers based on his needs. 

Yes, this is roughly how a hurdish network stack has been envisioned
in the past.
> A network interface that registers an IP address would be listed with the
> others interfaces with each having a respective hierarchy of transport
> protocols underneath. 
> For example,
> /ip/eth0/tcp/
> /ip/eth0/udp/
> /ip/eth1/tcp/
> /ip/eth1/udp/
> /ip/lo/tcp/
> /ip/lo/udp/
> /ip/tcp/
> /ip/udp/
> In this example, the client could choose from the first six options to get
> the interface of its choice.  The last two could would let the network
> stack decide which network interface provided the connection.  In this way
> the client could request a link for a TCP connection, for example, for
> eth0 using /ip/eth0/tcp/ or might not care and use /ip/tcp/ and let the
> server decide using any heuristic it wants (round-robin, etc.)

Shouldn't it be /eth0/ip/tcp/?  I.e. with internet protocol is layered
over ethernet.  Though it might be that I have misunderstood your
example or the protocol stack in general (this is not my area of

In any case, I'm not sure why you have chosen directories.  Why not
just: eth0, eth1, ip0, ip1, tcp0, tcp1, tcp0+1 etc. where tcp0+1
works like your /ip/tcp/?


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