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Re: Requesting for review of the Draft proposal for - procfs

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Re: Requesting for review of the Draft proposal for - procfs
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 10:40:45 +0530

Hi Carl,

This is perhaps the root of the misunderstanding, we don't need to be
ahead of linux when it comes to procfs.  procfs should only provide a
different interface to features /already/ present in the Hurd, i.e. a
compatibility layer.  Your desire to propel the Hurd beyond linux is
misplaced, that should be done outside of procfs.

And just to clarify, there's nothing wrong with your layered design
per se.  In fact we encourage it, as it will allow others to easily
add features to procfs, not to get ahead of linux but to catch up when
we find ourselves missing a feature required by an useful application
that we would like to port to the Hurd.

It's just better for us if you focus on first just making it work so
that we can make use of it, and then come up with a nice design.  It
is also better for you, as you'll get practical experience of how
stuff works in the Hurd, and thus a better foundation for coming up
with a good design.

Yeah got it clearly. I understood what I had done the moment Olaf mentioned abt KISS and YAGNI :). I have made all the necessary changes.
Please understand that we can't really take your word for it.  Of
course, we all hope you do keep contributing, but we also have to
consider the worst case scenario.

(I'm not in any way implying that you might be lying.  Shit happens
and you might not be able to contribute because of illness, accidents,
or some other factor that is beyond your control.)

Yeah understandable. Thinks like that happen. I only hope for good and such things wont happen in my case.

Thanks and regards,

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