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Re: Requesting for review of the Draft proposal for - procfs

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Re: Requesting for review of the Draft proposal for - procfs
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 10:54:05 +0530

Hi Carl,
Thanks a lot in taking time to rgo through my proposal.

I think you've done a really great job of writing this proposal!
There's not much to comment on really.  :-)

> The project thus aims at making the GNU/Linux process management
> tools like ps, top, vmstat, sysctl, w, kill, skill, nice, snice,
> pgrep, free, tload, uptime, fuser, killall, pidof, pstree, etc., to
> run out of the box.

Some of these items might already have a port that is good enough.
Not sure which ones though, but probably kill.

I will check out.

> I'm fully available this summer without any other commitments, will
> tune my day/night rhythm as per my mentor's requirement and assure a
> dedicated work of 50 hours/week.

Wow, 50 hours a week is a lot.  I didn't put nearly as much time into
my GSoC project, I think 20 hours a week is typical for a GSoCer.  I
don't want to discourage you from working hard, but don't overwork
yourself.  ;-)

I am sorry if I am too arrogant. Please excuse me. One thing I want to mention is that I am crazy when it comes to Computers and FS. Thanks a lot for your concern. I dont mean 50 hrs of coding per week. It also includes time for discussion with the mentor. Community etc etc. Other preparations. I hope I can set aside 25-30 hrs for coding and documentation and rest of the time for discussions, reading various books and other resources. (I usually sit in front of my comp from 8AM to 12 AM in vacation with 6-7 hrs set aside for routine work, TV and Playing sports. this comes to around 9-10 hrs a day in vacation.) So I felt its managable. I hope I can change this rythm on the days where circumstances are extreme , say I am not well by talking to my mentor. And as far as I have understood its all abt finishing things as per the schedule and not how much time I spend on each day. Am I right? Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

Thanks regards,

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