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Requesting to help me in selecting the second project

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Requesting to help me in selecting the second project
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 18:42:47 +0530

Hi Olaf,
           After a lot of thinking and working on the possibilities you showed me yesterday I have come up with the the following 3 ideas as the ideas for my second proposal. They are listed in the order of knowledge I have about them and my preferences at the moment. (Somehow I am so much obsessed, fascinated and delighted with the idea of translators at the moment that my mind is not thinking outside that atleast at the moment.).

1. xmlfs (3 months of programming experience on XML. I handled the entire XML part of the project(including design, coding and unit testing of XML part) code named  veeprocess which will go into production in a month or two written in PHP for a company called Vee Technologies)
2. Namespace-based Translator Selection
3. lexical dot dot resolution

But this doesn't mean that I am restricted to these ideas. As I have said earlier, this is not all about what I want but what community wants and I need to respect it. So I am open for any idea which community feels are more important these at the moment. I will be equally willing and interested to  work on them. Also I have said earlier on IRC that all the ideas in the wiki look interesting. If you suggest me an idea that I dont have much knowledge about I will ensure that I will work on it with the same enthu I have on any other idea of my choice and use community bonding period to get more well versed in the requirements for that idea.

Thanks and regards,

P.S: Since the deadline for submitting the proposal is fast approaching I request any of the mentors to reply on this mail as soon as possible.

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