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Thoughts about the Lisp bindings project

From: Flávio Cruz
Subject: Thoughts about the Lisp bindings project
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 21:04:49 +0100

Here's what I pretend to do during the summer session for GSOC:

1. API to create RPC calls on the fly (something like defrpc)

Will involve the creation of an API that can generate new RPC calls as
MIG does but using Lisp macros. This interface should be micro-kernel
agnostic. Of course the inner layer will be for GNU Mach, but it
should be easy to port it to future kernels, if it will be the case ;)

2. Bind some libraries to Lisp

    * (some) mach types and functions (needed for point 1)
    * libports
    * specific hurd api in glibc
    * fshelp
    * iohelp

3. Make some RPC's available on Lisp

    * io.defs
    * fs.defs
    * fsys.defs
    * others if needed for point 4

If point 1 is working OK, declaring (defrpc ...) should be enough.

4. Pure lisp translator library

Once the bindings are working correctly, a libtrivfs translator like
library should be written on top of that.


Please tell me what do you think about this  :)


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