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GSoC: the plan for the project network virtualization

From: Zheng Da
Subject: GSoC: the plan for the project network virtualization
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 16:17:37 +0200

Hi everyone,

To implement the network virtualization, several pfinet servers must run at the same time, and they must communicate with each other. Meanwhile, the process on Hurd can choose its own pfinet server.

step 1. A mechanism for different pfinet servers to communicate with each other:
There are two possible solutions to reach the goal at least: the BPF translator and the hypervisor.
If it is done, it can also be used for subhurd.
BPF translator:
I wonder how the pfinet server tells the BPF translator?
Do we modify the code of pfinet to send the filter rule to BPF translator?
It shouldn't be difficult to make it work with subhurd.
When boot gets a open_device request from pfinet, return the port to the hypervisor.

step 2. A mechanism for the user to run several pfinets together.
Do I need to use filesystem proxy to do it?
as I see, /servers/socket/1 is used for local, /servers/socket/2 is used for inet.
Does it mean I can create /servers/socket/3... used for other pfinet?

step 3. override the default server in the system: using some approach mentioned in the project of Server Overriding Mechanism.
Maybe I can try the first approach first.

I wonder how much work it could be?
And how do I start?

Zheng Da

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