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Help regarding netfs callbacks

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Help regarding netfs callbacks
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 01:05:18 +0530

Hi all,
            I am working on implementing GNU/Linux compatible procfs. I am using netfs for translator implementing this translator as it was planned. I have quite a few quiries regarding netfs programming and using its callbacks. Someone who know about these please help me.

1. Some of the existing translators define two structures one with the netnode and another generally with the name of the translator, say netnode and procfs in this case as I have done now. Whats the essential difference between two structures and what different information are they intended to contain? (Additionally ftpfs also implements two structures for dir and dir_entry. Is it necessary to maintain these structures, are there any special advantages in doing so?)

2. I did not quite get the concept of  netfs_get_dirents callback which netfs says is used for fetching the directories. What is it expected to do? What do we have to define and do within this callback? Most of the existing translators seem to implement the same code(I can say its a copy). Why is it so? Can I take those things from there? But I dont want to copy paste something without knowing what is actually happening. Can someone explain please?

Thanks and regards,

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