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Re: Code commit

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Re: Code commit
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 21:32:56 +0530

Hi Olaf,

> Thats the reason I thought I should maintain a Changelog. Also  I want
> it for my own reference later.

Well, you can always look up the history in git. If you prefer it in a
text file, there are scripts that extract the commit messages and
generate a file from them.

Again, maintaining a ChangeLog file manually only makes sense if it
actually contains something different than the commit messages...

The only good reason I can think of would be maintaining a GNU-style
changelog in a file, while providing more useful comments in the git
commit messages. Note that GNU changelogs have a very strict form -- see
the chapter on changelogs in the "GNU Coding Style" document if you want
to go down that path...

(Personally, I consider the GNU-style changelogs rather useless in times
of proper revision control systems, but YMMV...)

Ok thanks a lot. Though I knew how helpful git histories would be, I did not know about the scripts that help backing up the git history to files.  Ok I will go this way then. Also maintaining a GNU style Changelog is quite time consuming, and its something like doing every entry twice. I will drop that then. Thanks again

Also I am hopefully looking forward for a reply to my post on help regarding netfs.

Thanks and regards,

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