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Updating the progress

From: Madhusudan C.S
Subject: Updating the progress
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 14:48:51 +0530

Hi Olaf,
   I have done few commits to be code today. I request you to please check the code. With that done, I feel most part of the netfs backend that is required to accomplish what we have set as targets (target being creating empty PID directorries) is mostly done. But it has taken too longer than I anticipated. Sorry for the miscalculation of the time required two weeks back. Please suggest if there can be any improvements or point out mistakes if any. There were few architectural decisions which I took on my own without your consultation. I am really sorry for that. I was waiting for the response to my mail on a help regarding netfs call backs, which would have become the keys to those decisions. But unfortunately I did not get any response for a long time, and I felt that was no reason to stall the work, so did it on my own. I am totally open to further discussions and ready to change the design if you feel that it is required.

   The major decisions were to use two separate structures for directory handling, viz. procfs_dir and procfs_dir_entry(This was a change from my previous thought of using the same structure for all types of nodes). Also another major thing was to use hash tables for maintaining directory entries. This decision was more or less inspired by the elegant design of netfs in ftpfs translator. Other translators in hurd-extras, I felt are not clear in this particular part of maintaining directory entries.

   *I am waiting eagerly for your suggestions and comments*

Thanks and regards,

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