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A proxy of the proc server for translators

From: zhengda
Subject: A proxy of the proc server for translators
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 22:56:03 +0200
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Hi everyone,

I want to write a proxy of the proc server (proc_proxy), so I can provide a pseudo master device port to the translator without changing its code.

My first idea was to create a message server which handles all RPCs in process.defs. When a request comes, the message server calls the corresponding RPC to the real process server. The proxy forks a child process, override the proc port of the child process to point to itself so the proxy can get the request from the child process, and executes the user's command in the child process.
For example, to run a pfinet server, the command can be like this:
proc_proxy settrans -afgpc /root/socket2/2 /root/hurd/pfinet/pfinet -i eth0 -a -g -m

There are some problems:
1. the proxy does override the proc port of the child process where runs settrans, but it seems the translator still uses the original proc server. The task of the translator is created directly by task_create() so it doesn't inherit the proc server from its parent. I still haven't find the code where the proc server is set in the process of the translator. 2. when the proc server gets the request, it is always looking for the process information from the remote port of the caller. When an RPC is forwarded by the proxy, the process information of the proxy is changed and the real proc server still doesn't know anything about the process who sends the request. 3. If the translator is set in the passive mode, it is started by the file system server. It seems that I don't have a chance to override its proc server.

Maybe I can run a second proc server for the translator, and change the master device port in the second proc server. However, the translator is completely isolated from other processes and this solution still cannot solve Problem 3 as I mentioned above.
I'm totally lost. Could anyone give me some ideas?

Zheng Da

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