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Re: Xen Hurd: Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: Xen Hurd: Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 19:10:00 +0200
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Shakthi Kannan, le Tue 02 Sep 2008 10:04:14 +0530, a écrit :
> I have / in /dev/sda1 in my host system. So, I tried:

Err, I don't understand. Are you meaning that /dev/sda1 contains the /
of dom0?  If yes then no you shouldn't use

>   disk = ['phy:sda1,sda,w']

The first argument is where the _guest_ / is as seen from dom0.

> IIRC, in Hurd with GNU Mach, there is no SCSI support?

That's where para-virtualisation is useful. The "sda" above is just a
name, the name under which the disk will appear in the guest. It happens
that in Mach, be the disk IDE or SCSI it will appear as /dev/hd0, so
I've made the Xen support so that you can set sda or hda, that will just
be the same.

> 1. Do we need to specify anything to get the console output?

You have already done so: that's the -c option.

> On running "sudo xm create -c hurd", are we expecting some output?

When it runs fine, yes, you should get the kernel messages.

> 2. If there is no SCSI support in GNU Mach, but, host system uses
> sdaX, what parameters do we need to use for 'disk'?

See above.


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