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Re: Code Bounty

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Re: Code Bounty
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 05:07:43 +0200
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On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 09:00:06AM +0200, Arne Babenhauserheide wrote:
> Am Samstag 13 September 2008 03:59:15 schrieb olafBuddenhagen@gmx.net:

> > I'm a bit surprised that you of all people are suggesting this... I
> > was told that any proposals for bounty systems are regularily shot
> > down in KDE?
> I don't really rule KDE ;) 

Oh, you don't? So why am I bothering?! ;-)

Seriously though, my brother mentioned that you do PR work for KDE, so
assumed that you were participating in such discussions and knew all the
arguments against bounties...

> and I spend most of my free time thinking about roleplaying games,
> Hurd and Gnutella - and making music and at times wasting time :) 

Oh, so the other listed occupations don't count as "wasting time"?...

> > I talked to RMS a couple of months ago about the possibility for
> > people to donate to development of individual GNU projects through
> > FSF, and he didn't like it: He fears that this might reduce the
> > amount of uncommited donations to FSF, that can be used for
> > campaigning, which he considers more important nowadays than
> > sponsoring actual development...
> I think he should sit down with some Attac people on that and exchange
> experience. 
> There are people who have a lifetime of experience in caimpaigning to
> the general public - and there are many shared ideas, for example the
> free seed movement. 

Well, RMS hasn't exactly done this all his life, but he has done little
else for the last 15 years or so...

> > (He did seem willing though, if I understood him right, to
> > indirectly support projects through relatively inexpensive means
> > like sponsoring developer conferences.)
> Does that mean, that the FSF would sponsor getting Hurd developers to
> conferences, too? 

Well, I don't want to tell anything wrong here. He didn't state so
directly, but from the course of discussion it *seemed* to me that he
was contemplating it at least...


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