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About the old flubber, the new flubber, zenhost, and the universe hersel

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: About the old flubber, the new flubber, zenhost, and the universe herself
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 12:28:49 +0100
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Already some time ago the old flubber machine has been hit and
irreparably damaged by a lightning strike.  A new flubber instance has
reincarnated on the as well new-born zenhost, a Xen-based machine.  What
I haven't done yet (haven't been able to do until now) is to migrate the
old flubber's user data to the new machine.

    <bddebian> tschwinge: BTW, the old flubber drives are now in clubber.  I
      haven't settrans'd them anywere yet though

Thanks, Barry!  I will shortly publish a list of directories from the old
flubber's HDDs so that people can speak up whether they want their old
stuff to be forgotten or whether it should be moved to the new flubber.

    <bddebian> tschwinge: If/when you get around, I added another 1Gb of
      RAM to zenhost.  Hope that helps.

Thanks again, Barry!  This way, we can offer to host additional GNU/Hurd
domUs if people have the need to do some testing with such things.

Also, I have just now updated the Debian stable on zenhost to the current
Debian testing (which should soon be the new Debian stable), and along
the way also upgraded to Xen 3.2 and the 2.6.26 Linux kernel, both of
them the standard PAE variants.  Everything seems to work fine.


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