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Technical design question

From: Alfeiks Kaanoken (MadTirra)
Subject: Technical design question
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 16:14:32 +0300
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As I know GNU Hurd works now on GNU mach only, and l4 port are not ready.
I have a good skills in OS development (microkernels and microkernel services design) - mostly within small closed source OSes. Some time ago I've decide to open some works within this area and create GNU GPL/LGPL microkernel (and multiservice) OS project called Jari OS. After lazy research and probes I found an open source team (http://jarios.org), currently I have two companies donating to this project.
So, it was a small introduction before my question.
As I know L4 hasn't any example of multiservice OS implemented on, mostly it used like a hypervisor to run linux (l4/linux) and it has many disadvantages. GNU Mach has a MIG that shows that it's a not good way. Also, I think microkernel can offer a different range of end operating system, starting from embedded real time OSes to real desktop or diskless stations solutions. We're developing a real time preemptible kernel - it's really small (above 1Mb of source code) that offer a good IPC and other mechanics to implement anything on top of it, Jari OS services running on top of it. I know that microkernel systems performance is not so good due to many context switching, IPC, etc ... But Jari OS design allow to decide this problems via architecture design. The question is - Did you want to make some research on it? Or maybe (I know it sounds strange and foolish) join to the Jari OS and help with porting and development. Yes, Jari already has working microkernel, basic libraries, some drivers, core services (devio, vfs, nameservice, terminals service) - it's all partially works, and under active development, if you are able to make some comments, discussions, and so on - it will be good.

PS Sorry for my strange english.

I hope you will be interested on it.

Have a nice day.

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