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dash, PATH

From: Jakub Daniel
Subject: dash, PATH
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 18:42:13 +0100


I installed hurd in qemu from L1 DVD iso and only now I noticed an error at
the very end of native-install:

Setting up apt-utils (0.7.24) ...
I just make sure that /libexec/runsystem is properly updated.
./MAKEDEV: 53: function: not found
eval: 1: hd0s1: not found
./MAKEDEV: 56: Syntax error: "}" unexpected
Couldn't determine root partition, sorry.

Some info about what to do afterwards follows.

Unlike previous time I had to set /etc/fstab entirely by myself (all lines
were commented out and the content didn't reflect the real partions). All I
did followed my previous attempt except this time I allowed dash to be the
default /bin/sh shell. I guess this doesn't have much to do with the error, or
am I wrong?

For some reason PATH consists only of /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin,
/usr/games. But /sbin etc. are missing - is that intentional? This didn't
happen with bash.

PS: I tried reinstalling one more time. I checked for typos and there were
none. So now I am starting to believe that selecting dash has something to do
with the different behaviour.

In case that all of this is known, how do I make it work properly?

Now on a different topic: I know this is kind of in FAQ but it is quite
unfortunate that hurd cannot deal with SATA disks. Now that I have learnt that
hurd is quite usable for me I would love to run it on real machine, because
qemu is limiting. I am not going to ask when the drivers will be available. I
would like to know what part of hurd/mach is responsible for loading and
handling these drivers. What should I pay attention to if I would like to
learn more about writing/porting drivers for serial SCSI. I know I might not
be able to write them, still it would help to know how this works (is supposed
to work) with hurd. Where are the actual drivers supporting PATA drivers? I
tried to search the code but I found nothing as I am not familiar with the
composition and hierarchy of hurd yet.

Best wishes
Jakub Daniel

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