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Fwd: Fwd: [haiku-development] non-linux devroom at FOSDEM ?

From: antrik
Subject: Fwd: Fwd: [haiku-development] non-linux devroom at FOSDEM ?
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 08:17:40 -0800 (PST)
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This sounds pretty interesting. I guess at least a few of us will be
at FOSDEM, and could attend this?

I've subscribed to the group now BTW. Too bad we missed out on the
GSoC mentor summit, where it originally came into being :-)


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From: mmu_man <rev...@gmail.com>
Date: Nov 20, 7:32 pm
Subject: Fwd: [haiku-development] non-linux devroom at FOSDEM ?
To: Rosetta

Hi there !

> I will try to attend the FOSDEM. I am not yet sure whether my schedule
> allows it but things look good up to now.

> I am looking forward to meeting other Rosetta-OS people. :-)

Me too...

If you want to participate in a non-linux devroom make sure you fill
the form:http://fosdem.org/2010/call_for_developer_rooms
quoting you would like to be part of a "non-linux" devroom, either as
part of the distro ones or separately.
If enough non-linux projects request a devroom maybe we'll get one...

Here is what I filled, you should probably reuse the name:
* devroom name: Alt-OS (Anything-but-Linux-disTro Operating System)

* devroom description:

Talks and workshops about alternative (non Linux based) opensource
operating systems, in the purpose of sharing experience on application
ports, common driver development and design differences.

Possible talks include :
- POSIX & *nix compatibility coverage of alternative OSes (example
from Haiku...)
- *nix app porting tricks (autoconf, ...)
- OSSv4 port considerations
- status of the NetSurf port to Haiku

Possible workshops include :
- porting a command line application to Haiku
- porting a FreeBSD network driver to Haiku
- native hello world GUI application on Haiku

* devroom related URLs:http://www.haiku-os.org/http://

* comments/remarks:
It could either be done as part of the distro miniconf, or as a
separate room. We would actually welcome discussions with distro
projects too, on subjects like package management for example.

Possible projects interested in joining in:
Other participants in the Rosetta OS (discussion group about non-linux
FOSS OSes)http://groups.google.com/group/rosetta-os?pli=1


I'd suggest you also fill the form to show the orga how much demand
there is for it.
We'll get an answer by 2009-11-29.

You can also ask for a booth:http://fosdem.org/2010/call_for_stands
I just sent the Haiku request.

The general call for participation:http://fosdem.org/2010/


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