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Re: man: pipeline

From: olafBuddenhagen
Subject: Re: man: pipeline
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2009 16:51:34 +0100
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On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 10:27:12PM +0100, Jakub Daniel wrote:

> when i tried to examine man page of dpkg i got the following error
> (not right away but after i scrolled to line 129 or similar):
> man: pipeline.c:1671: pipeline_peek_skop: Assertion `len <=
> p->peek_offset' failed.

This is a know bug (at least I'm experiencing it regularily) -- though
I'm not sure whether it's actually in the bug tracker. You might want to
check the bug tracker, and add it if it's not there yet :-)


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