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Re: man: pipeline, additional questions

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: man: pipeline, additional questions
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 10:38:54 +0100
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Da Zheng, le Fri 11 Dec 2009 17:02:37 +0800, a écrit :
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > 
> >> i was not able to find much information about this
> > 
> > We haven't had any GNU Mach bug for a long time, while we do know quite
> > a few bugs in the Hurd itself, so for sure it's not the part that is
> > hindering GNU/Hurd :)
> I have experienced GNUMach crash when I worked on rpctrace and 
> eth-multiplexer.
> I think it should be considered as a bug of Mach.

Yes, there are some, but that's very few compared to the lot of bugs we
know exist in glibc and hurd servers and are filed in the various bug
trackers. The most annoying for the buildds being memory/ports leaks.


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